holding back the wind

Chuck, or so they call me. 17, lost somewhere between child and woman. I am a Klingon.
gleek. fabrevans otp. potterhead. hufflepuff. musician. writer. dreamer. lover. werewolf obsessor. classic rock lover. awaiting a proposal from chord overstreet.

Welcome to the Jungle.

You were when I put this in your ask, like forever ago. Whenever the last time you posted was. I’m pretty great. Yourself?

I’m like so sporadic here. It’s weird. xD

I’m swell, actually. Trying to get over the crap that was last night’s glee episode. .________________. Season finale my ass. That was terrible.

You are back from the dead of personal world!

Not exactly, but I guess I am now. :3 How’re you Cupcake?